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The name ADRI derives itself from the first four letters of my family's last name. Family, by blood and by choice, has been the strongest foundation of my life. My family reminds me of where I came from and they help get me to where I'd like to be. They have taught me the impact of support and have inspired me to live out my life doing the same for others.

As a person who loves to create, I wanted to be able to create something I am passionate about and find a space to not only share it with others but help others as well. ADRI transpired the summer after graduating high school. I had an uncle who was battling thymoma cancer, and everyone in our family was doing their part to help. I wanted to be able to contribute myself, so, I began making jewelry and selling it to friends to earn money for him. Knowing I could do more to help, I put my business online and started selling across several marketplaces--and that is how ADRI came to be. I now hope to grow this business to where I can be in a position to help others, again. 

Whether it be my dream to make this company the best it can be, or your dream to find the perfect piece of jewelry to wear, or your own personal dream to fulfill your own aspirations...let's remind ourselves never to give up on our daydream. 

Let ADRI jewelry be a token reminder of what your dreams are. Remember that each piece of jewelry is handmade with thought and care, just as how your dreams should be treated. Remember that it takes time and effort for great things to be made. Remember that you never have to do it all on your own and that you have a family by your side. AND just like our personalized jewelry, not all paths and outcomes have to be the same...we are each our own person, and let our jewelry symbolize this fact.

At ADRI, we want to empower individuals to become who they truly want to be and encourage everyone to empower each other as well. This is done not only through our jewelry but also with how we treat each other like family.

Welcome to the fam,


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