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Updated as of  February 23rd, 2021. 


Each piece you order from ADRI is made by hand and may take time depending on the intricacy and personalization of the chosen design. Below are estimates of how long it will take to make each piece before it is ready to ship out. Add the production time for your piece to your selected shipping for an estimate of when to expect your order. 


Non-Personalized Pieces:

2-3 business days

Personalized Pieces:

2-4 weeks

Custom Bulk Orders:

Message us for a quote + estimate


We currently offer a variety of options for shipping via USPS to meet different budgets* and timelines. Below are estimates provided by USPS, while most often on time, may not necessarily be guaranteed. Please keep in mind that USPS does not deliver on Sundays. 

*Shipping prices may vary by weight and location, below are averages.

5-10 Business Days


2-5 Business Days


1-2 Business Days






US Standard

US Priority 


US Express

At this time, we do not offer international shipping. However, stay tuned because we may offer this option soon!

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